Artist: Pamen Enrique
Album: promise me Album (2005)
Song: promise - promise me (Pamen Enrique)
Submitted By: Pamen Enrique

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Huuu Huh Huh Yeh Yeh alrightļ)))

Its like I went to the garden Love of flowers.
Searching for the most lovely flower
But I really searched all around.
But I couldn¡¦t really find.
But when I was almost giving up
There stood a flower more beautiful and precious
And that flower is you.

I have really searched for love
But I really couldn¡¦t find and
I thank God that I finally found you


So------- Promise me that

You will be by ma side
I promise you that I will be by yo side
We will be together till the
End of our time.
Iam really lucky to have you
You too yo lucky to have me
We are destined to shine together
Till the end of our time

You¡¦re ma shine, yo ma destiny
You¡¦re the Love of ma heart
Its you that I Love

Repeat Chorus x2
Third verse:

You u u u promise me
I need you love
I ain¡¦t be alone
Its you that I need
Its all about you
Take ma Love
Its real and meant 4 you
Yeh Yeh for ever
I have promised you
You too promise me
Lets share this together
Its good like that
So--- promise me

Repeat Chorus to fade x2