Artist: The Veronicas
Album: the secret life of the veronicas (2005)
Song: - Stay (The Veronicas)
Submitted By: the veronicas

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I watch you walk away

I didn't say the words

I wanted to say

Now I'm sitting all alone

Thinking 'bout the times

I had you to hold

I'm giving you my reasons why

I feel this way when we

Say goodbye


But I won't run around

After you

And you know what you've found

And you know i'm in love with you

Everything changes when i see your smile

So stay a little while


I miss you even more today

Knowing that you're so far away

You tell me that you'll see me soon

But tell me just how long I have to wait for you

I'm giving you my reasons why

I'm asking you to stay tonight

Repeat chorus (2x)