Artist: 7 Profitz
Album: Long Island Hip-Hop: Not About The Money (2008)
Song: Tap The - Tap The Wire (7 Profitz)

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Government mind control you plug it into the wall
Here's a remote that make you think you're in control
MK Ultra world reunited by two towers
And everybody wanted to go to war
What happened to united we stand divided we fall
Who made the call for Con Ed to raise their prices
As humans we all have our own vices
My advice is don't act like mice chasing the same slice
Slice is what we get in 20 years
A pension in the popular mention
Excluding the deception of some of the henchmen in office
Its awful that you would applaud this
I think its raw that you could ignore this
While over dressed politicians sell themselves to you with blood on his hands
Its time we ban together and make up a stand or put up a struggle while you sinking in the quicksand
A man is just a man until you put him on a pedestal
So get a stool and start waving your hands and acting like a fool
Acting like a fool

Alien race, Alien moon base, Alien space, Drive my car to a place
Avoid 2012 alien invasion surrounded by divinity Science equation
guarding destination reentry my secrets forbidden
Body protects soul come back for me vision
Ultimate test is like walking on glass
Found my way along the journey choosing my path
The destination known put a tap on my phone
So I face these revelations go into a zone

So I face these revelations with no where to go
I know I won't be alone
Let's get up and go

Tap The Wire
Tap The Wire
That's the type of sh** that makes the rhyme expire