Artist: SIC ILL
Album: Streetdemic (2013)
Song: Hands on the - Hands on the Wheel (SIC ILL)
Submitted By: sicill

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Roll it up..
uh huh

hands on the wheel
hands on the...

2 o clock drinkin heineken
Every AMPM
Every single weekend
Got me thinkin, I'm drinkin
But the room be stinkin
Cuz I'm mostly on the dro
At the pharmacy bought sho nuff
Now I got that green glow
Yea I'm wild like an animal
Goin outta control
Kill the tracks
I'm so hanibal
Neighbors call the patrol
Lifes a dice roll and you shootin craps
I'm takin stack
With my flow so crack
Know I be lightin it up jack


Hands on the wheel like drive ed
Better hold ya Teddy
Thought he was a man
He's only Ted
With the voice from the Family Guy
You can't drink and drive
You know me. I already tried
Up on the dung
That's why I'm spittin this shit
Yea my rivals got confidence
But they ain't really spittin shit
Roll it up, take a hit
Ingest a puff
Told u, you'll feel like the one
Flexin, but aint buff