Artist: Tori
Album: Not Today (2014)
Song: Not - Not Today (Tori)

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Verse 1:
Those ticking clocks gave us away
Don't be ashamed, wear it
Lets take a walk down memory lane
There's moments I cherished
We were just fine
But not this time

Don't know how to say this to you
I wish I could make it ok
But I need to dream alone
Try to breathe on my own
Maybe over time I'll come back to you
But not today

Ooo ooo ooo
Not today

Verse 2:
My love for you was always true
I can never deny it
I could live a lie
But deep inside I'd know that I'm dying
We had our time
Now I need mine



Nothing's forgotten
No words are lost
I'll keep the memories inside my heart
And maybe over time
I'll come back to you
Back to you
But not today