Artist: BerlieyB ft A.Ahmed
Album: Peace Preacher (2014)
Song: Cry Out - Cry Out #bringbackourgirls (BerlieyB ft A.Ahmed)
Submitted By: Ballama

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ehh heyyy heyyyy!!
we need peace!!

[Verse1: BerlieyB]
(Sup B how do we start this?)
Aunno man‚ it's befuddling‚
For more than two weeks now‚
We have been battling‚
Our sisters kidnapped‚
Our parents have been rantling‚
About the case‚
Our government have been stangling‚
A'ight now put the gun down and let's have a discussion‚
That man to man type‚
I call it percussion‚
Imagine if it were your daughter‚
I mean try putting yourself in their shoes‚
I know you'll definately wun't waste time to come up with the clues‚
You just hop into the car and do the do's‚
Gather all the troops to go and attack the insurgents with the dues‚
We don't need your ohh's (O's)
All we need is a daily update from the news‚
Enough with the queues‚
No backing down too we'll support em till they are free(d)‚
Now who will cook my mother's meal with some ghee?
Siblings carrying a moist guises couldn't even burn their bree‚
Where ever they are I just hope they still find some space to breath‚
Oh!! Lord I pray YOU always be with them

[Hook: A.Ahmed]
Let there be peace all around the world‚
Let there be peace all around the nation‚
Bring back our sisters‚
Bring back our girls‚
Let there be peace all around the globe‚

owuuho hooo!!!
Mama crying‚ I hate to see this oohh nooo!!
Got a feeling that life will be better‚
Mama's take it easy GOD is with us ooh yeaahh!!
Peace will reign‚
Smiles will be on our faces one day ehh heyyy!!
Sisters will come back to us‚
Life will continue better than before ooh yeahh!!
All we need‚ all we want is peace to reign in our nation uhh yeahhh!!!
One day we'll hug each other and live a better liiife!!


[Verse3: BerlieyB]
Our parents heart's broken into million tiny pieces‚
I have a sensitive soul though am not a pisces‚
Kanem isn't that where the peace is?
I just can't believe if they say "they are doing their best‚
Why wouldn't everyday be like September 21st?
But numbers keep piling up‚ Every day it keeps getting worse‚
And our leaders out their doing nothing busy eating em wurst‚
They are becoming so fierce no fears sorta like they have been cursed‚
Better save em now your later might be never‚
We are all jointly praying so that it gets better‚
So that there will be peace and it'll reign forever‚
Buh the sh*t is painful like a nigga suffering from haemorrhoid pile‚
All of us frowning like we just swallowed a bile‚
I'm optimistic‚
I believe smiles will come back to our faces and that wun't take a while‚
Hard times boi‚ buh cheese (money) to em remain softer than Manish and Karish‚
All these dark days are going to be all bright‚
Am sure many have cursed that night‚
But not to worry you surely gon see mama‚ papa‚ brothers‚ sisters and even friends too‚
Like we all having a broken tooth is soo hard to chew


I have a plan on visiting the top (IBJ)‚
Buh it feels like a walking distance (Robert Stevens)‚
I know you guys wun't last long‚
So I'll be the last out‚
Coz I outlast my competition‚
Outshine opposition‚
I'm a man on a mission‚
Fresh in ma reebok‚
faster than a reebok‚
ALLAH ya kara muku hakuri iyeyen mu na Chibok!!!