Artist: KA
Album: Blood In My Bath, Flesh In My Tub (1993)
Song: That's Ass It's - That's Ass It's Houser (KA)
Submitted By: Madz

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You and jay
[?] houser
[Verse 1: KA]
Nothin and the class and gotta home game me
[?], you gotta shit, [?], time
[?], shoot and the shit, [?] fuck and 'N' [?] way
[?] What!!
[?], death in the stray
[?] genna [?] and the him
The blood sting, dead ta
And and the blood ball, blood screams
And the blood creams, [?]
The darkness is ear
Onyx, and 'N' the the mit and coryon
[?], grill shit, [?]
[Verse 2: KA]
[?] sword, [?] sword [?]
Leaving and rain cause I and rain muggle and the muggle of and the cold blooded
Have all [?] show lock
[?], yuck, [?]
And the frog because I'm the deadly
And who and rated and won and the crown
[?] and finished
And a shooting [?] ningting
And war
(Do that, do that, do that!)
[Repeat 8X]