Artist: Duke Saragono
Album: Family Bizness (2014)
Song: Pretty - Pretty Feet (Duke Saragono)
Submitted By: Mary

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Yeah man
It's your boy duke saragono
This goes out for all my people
With foot fetish nah mean
Yall can relate, Lets get into this

[Verse 1]
I love to see a gorgeous woman walking in some flip flop
showing off her toes, i stand there and just watch
Do i look creepy, i don't care oh well
I love the many different colors
Painted on her toe nails

Admiring the feet wondering how they smell
Do they smell good or they smell like straight hell
I'm gonna rub her feet foreplay make the sex banging
Different shape nails from the round to the Rectangle

And the one that's triangle, they very sharp
She'll kick you in the ass, you'll be screaming ahhhh
She shop at plaza, to look hot for her man
the way they paint those toes like the artist on a canvas

Feet the same color like the nails on her hands
Everything is matching shorty look outstanding
I guess this is fashion, i'm gonna be staring
I love what your wearing, those earrings is looking glaring

I love girls with pretty toes
You just don't know
I love to see them expose
Make me lose control

[Verse 2]
shout out to the girls raise your hands if your hot
If you got some ugly feet,,throw them sh*t's up in some socks
I don't wanna see squat, so you should just stop
with your f*cked up feet, why your corns look like rocks

I love many types yo, i'm not prejudice
I love spanish chicks, african americans
I don't care if your white indian and mexican
It really don't matter cause all yall sexian
black sheer nile long, i gotta give thanks to that
Red bottom leather pump, the one with the ankle straps

Open toe shoes showing new pretty feet
Sexy shoes show a women's physique
Tour her caboo, cause boo your looking cute
I love the way you move, when you walking in them to

Fire engine red is my common boo
my favorite color is like the atlantic ocean blue
that's how we do

I love girls with pretty toes
You just don't know
I love to see them expose
Make me lose control